The results of The International 2018: victory OG, new heroes in Dota 2 and losing bots

Saturday ended eighth world championship in Dota 2. For two weeks the teams competed for the title of the strongest team and at the same time for the largest prize pool in eSports history. And now we can sum the results.

The winner

“Cinderella Story” (Cinderella Story) – so dubbed the winning team OG users in social networks. The story begins in 2015, when it was founded OG. The captain of the team was Johan “N0tail” Sandstein (nick BigDaddyN0tail). At that time he was already a recognized player in the Dota community, but has not yet won the championship. However, fans and analysts predicted a victory for The International OG 2016, because that year they won two out of three Major tournaments.

But the reality turned out differently: for OG championship failed, and it took place on 9-12 TI6. The team has not won a series on the main stage.

This could be considered a Fluke, because after that OG won two Major. Because of this the team received an invite to the next world Cup – TI7 in 2017.

OG is the winner of The Boston Major 2016

But this time OG was a failure. She won only one series before was knocked out of the tournament by LGD (the same team with which she played in the Grand final this year).

After the second consecutive loss was followed by changes in the composition of the team. From the OG is gone, MoonMeander, Miracle and Cr1t (they were replaced by s4, ana and JerAx). Then followed victory in the Majors in Boston and Kiev, and then left the team, Roman “Resolut1on” Fomenok, Fly and s4. In their place came Sebastien “Ceb” Debs and Tobias “Topson” Taavitsainen.

The composition of the OG into The Kiev Major: n0tail, ana, s4, JerAx, Fly

Ultimately, the composition of the OG at the world Cup were as follows: at the position of Carry played Anatan “ana” Pham Tobias “Topson” Taavitsainen; offline – Sebastien “Ceb” Debs; on the positions of the Support – Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka and Johan “N0tail” Sandstein.

According to the tournament rules Valve, all these perturbations in the composition of OG, committed after deadline, led to the fact that the team had to re-qualify for The International 2018, starting with the European open qualifiers. But OG won all matches and got to the end group And The International 2018. There, she took 4th place, which allowed it to start in the upper bracket of the playoffs TI8.

The games on smash OG overcame in the series to two victories of the team VGJ.Storm (2-0) and EG (2-1). In the upper bracket final OG beat PSG.LGD (2-1), which fell into the lower bracket finals, won the election the right to take revenge on the OG in the Grand final.

The Grand final was held in the format of 3 wins. In the first match won the OG, and then PSG.LGD were able to win and move ahead 2-1. But OG did not give up and in the fourth and fifth matches, conceding the initiative in the course of the meetings, were able to overcome them and eventually win the series and The International 2018. Thus, the OG broke the historical trend, according to which in the even years TI won only Chinese team.

OG now I think what to do with $11 million


This year The International could boast of the largest in the history of eSports prize Fund – $25 532 156. The winners of the OG received $11.2 million for the PSG Team.LGD, who took second place, took $4.1 million, and a cash reward team EG for third place was $2.7 million.

The remaining prize as follows:

  • Team Liquid (4th place) – $1.8 million;
  • and Team Secret (5-6 places) – $1.1 million;
  • VGJ.Storm vs. OpTic Gaming (7-8) – $638 thousand;
  • Vici Gaming, Team Serenity, Winstrike Team and Mineski (9-12 places) – $382 thousand;
  • TNC Predator, VGJ.Thunder, Fnatic and Newbee (13-16 seats) – $127 thousand;
  • Invictus Gaming and paiN Gaming (17-18 seats) – $64 thousand


Johan “N0tail” Sandstein has now become one of the most renowned players of Dota 2. In his record of four Majors (Frankfurt-2016, Manila in 2016, Boston-2016, Kiev-2017) is now added and The International.

“GG PSG.LGD played the most amazing DotA. I’m so happy that I was able to become a part of these matches. Thanks Valve and Icefrog for this wonderful game. Thanks to RedBull, without you we would not have reached. Thanks to my team, she’s the best,” wrote N0tail on Twitter.


One of the chips of The International 2018 is the confrontation between the bots OpenAI Five against the best players in Dota 2. In the first match of bots played against the Brazilian team paiN. They had a good attack, but because of a miscalculation in strategy lost the battle.

The second match of the OpenAI Five played against five professional Chinese players. Bots slightly changed the rewards system, but it did not help them – another loss.

Despite two defeats, the developers of the OpenAI was pleased with the result. They noted that the bots had a good chance to win in the first half hour of the game, and the matches themselves lasted 45 and 51 minutes – about the same as and matches real teams.

New heroes

During The International 2018 is not without surprises from Valve. First, the company’s CEO Gabe Newell has released their own voice acting for Dota 2. And then the announcement of two new characters for the game: Mars and Grimstroke. And if the first is practically unknown (he appears in the game this winter), then for Grimstroke you can already play.

Through their skills Grimstroke able to not only damage opponents, but to protect allies from enemy auto attacks. The main highlight is the ultimate skill that binds two enemies, not allowing them to move away from each other. And in the duration they are together they will get any damage or fall under the effects.

The International 2019

The next International will be held in Shanghai. And this is great news for us, because we will be able to watch the games of the best teams in Dota 2 in a more convenient time than this year.

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