The results of HTC’s Recent Financial Close hopes to return to competition

Over the past decade, transformed the Taiwanese company HTC being one of the biggest players in the smart phone market to a brand can’t most people remember them, and the company hopes to return to competition, but the results of the recent financial proves that there is still a long way to go.

For the month of October last, the company has made HTC the proceeds of the value of 21.59 billion, and it is understood that smart phones represent the largest percentage of revenue compared to the Department of virtual reality, but this is not a good thing necessarily.

The company provided a range of low-cost handsets in the past months in the specific markets in an attempt to raise revenue, but the results decreased in the month of October, and the figure represents the above-mentioned significant decrease by 48.58% compared to September, when the company achieved revenue of $ 41.96 million USD.

The plan was to HTC original for 2019 is to focus on achieving significant revenue and regain market share in the smart phone sector. Unfortunately, you did not achieve it as expected, but the company has now a new executive director seems more optimistic about the future of the company.

Source: HTC

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