The residents of Dubai stole $ 1.9 million while trying to buy bitcoins. The theft was revealed thanks to AI

Dubai — one of the most developed cities in the world. Here are the unmanned air taxi 5G network and the “smart city”. Technology is helping authorities in the fight against crime. On Friday, police with the help of artificial intelligence detained the criminals who robbed two local people willing to buy bitcoins. This writes Cointelegraph.

Why you should not buy bitcoins for cash

The robbery occurred in the area of al Muraqqabat on the outskirts of the city. Criminals under the guise of the transaction is lured into his office two brothers who wanted to buy bitcoins at 7 million dirhams (about $ 1.9 million). Indoors buyers were waiting to ambush criminals attacked them and fled with the money.

The police managed to arrest the fraudsters for four hours. According to head of criminal Department of police of Dubai, Khalil Ibrahim al Mansouri, hunt down criminals managed through artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has helped to detain the head of the Gulf Nation grouping and other criminals. Technology allows you to track the suspect in the surveillance cameras and find the culprit even if he did not leave any evidence.

Cases of theft of money when trying to buy bitcoin for cash in the world are many. For example, a Muscovite who tried to buy coins for 20 thousand dollars. Most often this method is resorted to the criminals who are afraid of freezing their accounts.

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