The report says that the sales of Apple Watch sales exceeded swiss watches combined

Apple Watch

When the smart watch is fairly new, it was not surprising to see a lot of Swiss companies specialized in the manufacture of wrist watches turned its sights to this concept, believing that it would be difficult for these devices to overcome the swiss watch classic. To some extent, this is true, then the traditional hand always have a place in the market, but the latest statistics and figures indicate that swiss watches might need to more interest.

Statistics estimates released recently by Canalys and IDC, the specialized protein in the market research indicates that Apple has apparently shipped one of more of the smart watch Apple Watch compared with the rest of the watches belonging to the company of Swiss society. This means that Apple beat the likes of Rolex and Omega and Swatch combined in the previous quarter, this is a remarkable achievement too.

However, this report is in line actually with what we were hearing before, it was speculated earlier that shipments of the Apple Watch continues to grow. However, these are not official figures as Apple are yet to reveal the units sold from the hour of its smart Apple Watch so far, but mostly, Apple to be very optimistic about sales.

Of course, this is not a fair comparison entirely, especially when you look at the fact that wrist watches of Rolex and Omega cost thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars compared to the Apple Watch, making it Non-affordable for a large class of consumers. However, we also saw how you tried some of the companies specialized in the watch industry like Tag Heuer innovation through the launch of smart watches.


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