The report says that Facebook ads target work even when it is disable this option, the location tracking


Come to our smart phones with settings and options that allow us to disable the possibility of tracking our locations by applications. However, it seems that this settings is only a placebo because, according to the publication new on the platform Medium, has made it clear professor of computer science at the University of Southern California, Ms. Aleksandra Korolova to disable the tracking option of the site doesn’t do much to deter Facebook from showing targeted ads to you.

According to Ms. Aleksandra Korolova, have discovered that although it stopped tracking its location, however, Facebook managed to display ads based on their current location. Based on the clarification of the Facebook, they had never hidden the fact how you collect your location data, although they do not necessarily do so in the most obvious place, I found Aleksandra Korolova more information about this in the page called ” How to operate Facebook ads“, and the page where it says Facebook it gathers data from other sources such as the office that uses the internet and where you use your phone.

Facebook explained that more where she relies on other features such as your IP address, Wi-Fi, data and Bluetooth. In response to the report of Aleksandra Korolova, Facebook issued a statement to Gizmodo confirming the content of the report is to a certain extent, they went so far as to claim that there is no way to allow users to disable the use of their sites completely for ads.

According to Facebook, it has stated by saying : ” there is no way for users to disable the possibility to determine their position fully to evade the ads. We use site-level city and zip code, which we collect from the IP addresses and other other information such as Records Access and current city your profile to ensure the provision of good service to people – from making sure to show Facebook in occasion of the arrival to confirm the view events ads near local businesses. “

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