The report says that Dell is interested to sell the same to buy already owned!

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Frequency now that Dell consider the possibility of selling itself to VMware, and in case if you are this page, it has turn out to be the biggest deal in the world. May be a bit confused to hear that Dell is considering selling itself to buy already owned. In case if you don’t know that, the Dell currently owns 80 percent of the company’s VMware but it can sell itself to the latter in a process known as merge reverse.

Some may recall that Dell was a public company before it makes its founder and CEO Mr. Michael Dell the company Private for $ 24.4 million dollars in 2013, through cooperation with private equity firm Silver Lake.

Has become Dell a public company again through the merger, the reverse with company VMware, a company valued at $ 55 million Note It is the property of Dell currently. According to the people familiar with the matter, it was explained the location of CNBC that the merger, the reverse will be company VMware, buy a large company, allowing that are traded Dell publicly without having to do the process of incorporating the official.

If this happens the merger, the reverse, it will make the shares of VMware talking to Michael Dell and Silver Lake, the two current owners of the Dell. Will these owners then sell their shares in the Public Market and the income from investments in the company.

The report was expected to be the biggest deal in the history of the technology sector, will provide investors who supported the attempt to transform the company into a private company in the year 2013 means to achieve income from this page. The merger, the reverse may also help Dell to repay some of its debt that hovers around $ 50 million.

It was said that Dell did not use the option now says it was aware of other paths so that they can not rule out IPO initial traditional at the moment. There is also the possibility to take Dell to share the remaining 20% which is not owned by the company VMware. The report indicates that it is unlikely to sell Dell company directly or even a part of its stake in the company VMware. So far, refused all of the Dell and VMware to comment on this report.


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