The report says that Apple spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a service Apple Arcade so far


In the past month, Apple announced a service broadcast new games which bear the name of Apple Arcade. Versus a flat monthly rate, the will be able players access to games driven will be exclusive to this region in an attempt to encourage people to register to get them. Also expected to be games available in the home is about entirely new games, rather than just Games paid current.

As a result, it is not surprising to see Apple spend a lot of money in trying to attract developers to the platform Apple Arcade, it’s important to pay Apple according to the Financial Times to spend US $ 500 million, this means that the company spent millions of dollars vs 100 game or so.

These games have become as we have said previously exclusive for Apple Arcade and iOS. It is rumored that Apple is offering additional incentives to developers to keep their games exclusive for their platform, but at the same time, enjoy those developers freely develop their games for other operating systems, such as personal computers and home consoles, and not simply for Android devices.

Didn’t know Apple about the price of the subscription service Apple Arcade yet, but hope to not be this service extremely expensive. Apple, the Apple Arcade also one of the paid services newly launched by Apple recently, including +Apple TV +Apple News.

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