The report reveals: Egypt exposed for 4 million threat with the ransom malware in 3 months

What remained of Egypt in the face of the growing threat of cyber attacks, as the number of discovered malware during the first quarter of 2018 to 253,995 software to be the second highest number in the region of North Africa.

Based on a recent report on “Trend Micro incorporated”, a global leader in digital security solutions, attracted the state 0.23% of the threats software ransomware malware world, or 3.97 million in the same period. Pushes a large number of threats in the region, providers of security solutions to call government bodies and businesses towards strengthening their efforts in the field of electronic security, especially with the booming sector of information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Egypt.

According to the report, ICT is the main engine to the wheel of the national economy, which says local trains constantly in terms of development in past years, with an average growth rate of 12.5%.

Referred light as well, Managing Director for Trend Micro in North Africa and the Levant, to the important contribution of ICT in GDP, which underscores the importance of national efforts to enhance cyber security, explaining: “the play of information and communications technology play a key role in the initiative designed to improve its economy, and to strengthen the country’s position as a regional innovative by the year 2020. If this is the case, should government bodies and local institutions and bodies the institutional pay great attention to the growth of security risks that are associated inevitably with contempt train. It should employ modern security system integrated when drawing a map of Egypt’s transition to a digital economy”.

The threats malware its heyday in the first month of the year with the success of “Trend Micro” in the discovery of 87,613 file sources, the number fell to 80,876 in February, to rise again in March to keep 85,506. Revealed ’Trend Micro‘ also that the number of malware targeted banks over the internet during the first quarter of 2018 total 231, total malware the floor 23 during the same period.

And software the ransomware malware is one of the most serious threats facing us today, so that a total number of 1.7 million in March 2018, which is the total number of all threats, the file and URL and email threats related with ransom malware. And Egypt the second largest number of threats to software ransomware is malicious in the region of North Africa, with Tunisia the list represents 0.36% of the total global threats with ransom malware. Came Jordan ranked third with 0.14% of the global threats discovered in the kingdom.

The “Trend Micro” to the presence of 103,143 victim of the URLs of malignancy in the first quarter of the year. Moreover, the number of times that prevented the “Trend Micro”, hosted by one of the URLs are malicious in Egypt 579 times, while planning the number of email threats malicious and blocked by Trend Micro via the IP protocol of the sender in Egypt 12.5 million.

The well: “the availability of the ’Trend Micro‘ highlight the growing importance of the adoption of a systematic multi-level in the field of electronic security. May lead privacy and security concerns to weaken the economy, no matter how energetic the activity. As affecting digital attacks directly on productivity, and have serious consequences in the long term, and therefore can not be underrated the extent of the need to strengthen security”.

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