The report refers to the plans of Facebook to the messaging service for the main

Several years after the removal of the messaging feature from the Facebook app, the main in 2014, back Facebook of new this feature soon according to comments came from Mark Zuckerburg recently.

Facebook bringing messages back to main app

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A report published during the financial period on the internet to the plans of Facebook to merge messaging services in all of the apps WhatsApp, liner to the side of the messenger with the main app of the company, which confirmed Mark Zuckerburg, who also noted that the messaging service will soon be available in the main application Facebook.

Company has been working on Facebook during 2014 to remove application Messenger as a separate application from the main application, except that Mark Zuckerburg stressed in his remarks recently on the return of the messaging feature soon to support users have a seamless experience in the development between the application of the main company.

Have revealed the leaks illustrated by Jane Wong on Twitter for a simplified design of one application Facebook, with a side of white for conversations between users, as confirmed by Jane Wong on that part of the ad hoc talks aimed at talks quick and simple, but the nurses most of share files, photos or make calls will require the use of application Messenger ad-hoc messaging.


I know of

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