The report refers to a slowdown in the Revenue Services section of Apple

New report on the internet to a new problem facing the company Apple recently with the slowdown in revenue in the services section of the company in the recent period.

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It wasn’t 2018 the best of Apple, where the company faced low sales of the recent versions of phones, the iPhone, contrary to expectations developed from the company when the phones are launched to the markets.

However, the Department of smart phones in the Apple was one of the sections that revenue to buy Apple, where to help services section in the company Apple has a large part in the company’s revenue, too, as has the third place as one of the most important departments in the company, but recent reports indicate the new difficulties faced by Apple in the services section.

Section includes the services of the company Apple all of AppleCare, the payment service Apple Pay, along with the Apple App Store, and iTunes, also Apple Music, as noted by Tim Cook earlier that this section achieves success already across the large base of users of phones iPhone which up to 1.5 million units around the world, which has affected mostly the sales of phones iPhone.

The company has developed a Apple forecast revenue for the Department of services for the company in 2020 up to 50 billion US dollars, an increase of segment revenue in 2017, which reached $ 30 million, in time I reached the Revenue Services section of Apple in the last quarter of 2018 to $ 10 billion in the period between July to the end of September, and the numbers indicate the possibility to achieve apple good revenue this year.

On the other hand pointed out by one analyst in a report published recently that the Department of services Apple is also facing difficulties in the recent period, where the detection Toni Sacconaghi about to start soaking some of the companies that request fees for entries in the Apple App Store, which offers to buy Apple often charges know the tax Apple.

I have imposed on the streaming service Netflix, for example, the monthly fee increased by 15% to 30%, the same fees that are imposed on the company Spotify also, as you get Apple to 30% of subscriptions fees during the first year, and then reduced the fee to 15% in subsequent years.

However, the services of Netflix وSpotify began to enjoy on the Apple App Store, as the timing of the companies from receiving fees entries within the app on the iOS platform, as the face of the users to pay subscriptions fees via the official website of the company, affecting the company Apple, which decreased revenues by 3% in the App Store.

As the report of the analyst to the continuation of excellence application developers may lead to a decline in revenue for Apple from the App Store, which will eventually lead to the revenue of Apple in the services section also.


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