The report of the Wall Street refers to the plans of Intel to sell a section of the chip the season

A report published by The Wall Street recently that Intel is in talks at the moment to sell the development section of the chip of the season after being announced during the previous period, its decision to cease development of chip modem 5G.


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After the announcement of Intel’s recently announced its exit from the appropriate development of chipset modem 5G and Apple to cooperate with Qualcomm again, the publication of the report reveals new developments at Intel, where referring to the launch of Intel’s talks to sell the development section of the chip.

The report pointed out that Apple is one of the candidates to take over this section of the Intel, however, these details are not confirmed officially at the moment, the report also noted that Apple has taken this step to support the launch of the iPhone 5G faster.

Also confirmed the report that Intel is on its way to announce the results of the talks held on sale Development Department of the world, to be about the company that they acquired the this section, and if the page has already ended. in favor of technology giant Apple, or that Intel completed its acquisition of party favor new.


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