The report of the ArabNet: stereotyping the willingness of companies to work in the Middle East and North price

The report of the ArabNet confirms that companies in the Middle East and North Africa raised stands ready to work in the region.

تقرير عرب نت: تزاید استعداد الشركات للعمل في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفریقیا

Sector has become a ready business in the Middle East and North price attractive to international attention only in line with the stereotyping willingness and interest in the companies emerging in the region, it has the value of the investment, the investment of 674 million dollars in the 255 deal to 2018, with the official activity read Business Emirates recorded the highest share of oil and the largest number of pages
The higher the page value, according to the people of Iran “the case of investments humanity to turn to in the Middle East and North Frisia in
2013, 2018” prepared by ArabNet.

Investments the recent rise growing in the Middle East and North Frisia, where he became a dozen companies in the years in all countries, invest in strategy in an international adventure today, or what is known as investment the bold, although it’s still in and.

High great product

Expect that as the investment market bold a marked rise in traffic in the next few years, thanks to the contribution of direct investment companies The Bold (and the receiving or investment case) by 17% of the total oil in the region. While the rate of oil companies didn’t doubt me from the figures recorded the year 2017; the other 17% of community and security in the region in 2018, compared to 18% in 2017.

And drawing attention, the what kind of two-thirds (70%) companies invested in the region are the companies present in the GCC countries are, according to the women of Iran “the case of investments humanity to turn to in the Middle East and North prices between 2013 and 2018 “prepared by ArabNet. And can the United Arab of Emirates in topped the list at 36% of companies invested, that Iran
By 19%, and then Lebanon by 12%.

Always Site companies invested in Iran and the rest of the region over history. However, in the years in all countries, managed markets other at a speed of achievements their competition, while the kingdom has witnessed a decline in the share of the company’s investors, only 33% in 2013 to 19% in 2018.

The UAE achievements market quickly, they even managed to skip Iran as the proportion of companies invested. As since Emirates, Lebanon, Egypt, as the growth of business firms, who have seen a remarkable growth over the years.

And while the corporate investor is the last one in the field of investment in the region, only that their number rose steadily since 2012. And foreign companies in all sectors – starting from the telecommunications sector and the retail sector down to the drug consumption –
Launches initiatives and investments.

And chose attention and the willingness of companies to this area, the only reason for the rise of the corporate investor which works to advance the digital transition by supporting solutions based on technology.

Large companies from different countries start strongly

Is Chalhoub Group of the most important of these companies, which is one of the companies are for the information and said the trap, which recently invested in the company emerging in the United Arab Emirates which bear the name of “my client” (Zbooni), with the Company B & Wi invest bold (Partners Venture Y&B) which is the first investment no.

In comes from in the company of the investor and the other in the United Arab Emirates, company Genco investment The Bold (Capital Venture Ginco) Group Gino (Group Ginco), where the company invests in companies arrived to the state in the way of investment to support the work of the Russian Agricultural the direction of common founders with the exception of my head more than 25 companies until the.

In Egypt, it has invested company List report confirmed Iran (Consulting Glint) in five other companies to contract consultancy support to its experts maintain the investment rate. For its part, the company more the other, a group company Nahdet Misr Publishing (Group Publishing Misr Nahdet), the basic investment company bold estate, the name of their “evidence” (EdVentures), to embrace activities enter new and investing in startups specializing in the existence of the culture at different stages of its development.

Either in the young or, the company launched the “touch” contacts in Lebanon (Touch) program touch for innovation (TIP), which according to the minister and support the budding entrepreneurs by providing guidance, moreover, a space of action in the other.

And no doubt, will continue the company’s investors passed giving a number of serious corporate attention to the main and a greater willingness to compete for a share in the investment. With the continued growth of the enterprise sector and startups in the region and the high level of maturation, and disintegration, the way the investor community growth is in the future.

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