The report emphasizes the support of some chips Qualcomm accuracy up to 192 megapixels in the camera

Revealed developers XDA about the new leaks about the specifications of the current generation of Qualcomm chips, which refers to the support chips to an accuracy of up to 192 megapixels in the camera.

Some Qualcomm chipsets support up to 192MP cameras

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Come a lot of new versions of smart phones with sensor key accurately 48 mega recently, while supporting a lot of phones also have multiple cameras that have reached the 5 cameras in the Nokia 9 PureView, is expected to use the technology cameras to evolve rapidly in upcoming releases of the smart phones, which requires the performance of the best certainly in the Wizards face this rapid development.

The company started Qualcomm was already in the development of the chip has the performance and specifications are compatible with the needs of the market and the manufacturers of the phone, where they revealed files ISP which was leaked via the developers of XDA for the details of the minutes in the Google Camera, with more precise details about the efficiency of the cable car single story and dual devices, along with details about filming in slow motion, and also the technique of auto focus Hybrid.

I came in shopping and also details about the chip Qualcomm is the current, where the confirmed registration to support some of the chips, so the accuracy of 192 mega pixel camera, which comes from the chip the Snapdragon 855, the وSnapdragon 845, the وSnapdragon 710, the وSnapdragon 675 to the side of Snapdragon 670.

Projections indicate that these specifications come from theory only, even in the case of the development of the sensor 192 mega pixel camera in the smart phones, will not support the chip at this stage any sensor or camera additional, even if the camera selfie.

Also in the case of the inclusion of the sensor 192 mega pixel camera is already in full control of smart phones, will necessarily have to sacrifice other advantages in camera including noise reduction in multiple frames, so you may reach the technology to Qualcomm in their versions the last of the chips to the higher level of theory, indicate that these specifications could not be achieved in a practical manner at the present time, but efforts to Qualcomm’s remarkable is certainly to apply the chip technology to keep abreast of the rapid development in the technology of camera in the smart phones.


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