The report emphasizes the rise in the sales of Huawei, although the U.S. ban

Came a new report today with details about the profits of the company Huawei, which rose by 24.4% in the third quarter of this year with the achievement of good sales of versions of the company during the financial period, despite the U.S. embargo.

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With the continuing trade issues between the US administration and the Chinese giant Huawei, however, a new report confirmed that Huawei is still achieved a good profit from the sales of smart phones, unlike the expectations of analysts.

Have confirmed Huawei to sell 185 million units of its smart phones during the three quarters of 2019, with a rise in profits in the second quarter increased by 24.4 % from the same quarter of last year, also achieved a year on year increase as a result of sales of this year increased by 26%.

These figures come to relieve a lot of the expectations of analysts, however, Huawei has faced a slowdown in revenue as a result of the US by 13% during the second quarter of 2019, with expected losses of $ 30 million.

Recall that the company Huawei has announced the signing of contracts up to 60 held all over the world, to provide the necessary equipment to build the networks of the fifth generation, so it seems that Huawei used in the competition even with the slowing of revenue over the coming period.


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