The report emphasizes the height of the shipments of Samsung’s OLED screens for phones iPhone

Using the Korean company Samsung Display in the supply of OLED screens in support of Apple, and in a new report referring to the increase of shipments of Samsung’s OLED screens to support phones the iPhone.

Pass the Apple and Samsung Display tension noticeable in the relations during the recent period, however, Samsung still the main supplier of screens of the OLED in phones the iPhone until now.

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Has revealed a new report about rising shipments of Samsung’s OLED screens for the iPhone for version available, where it is now expected to reach shipments of Samsung’s OLED screens for phones iPhone between 40 to 50 million units.

The Samsung Display up to 90% of the OLED screens for the iPhone, among them recent releases of the iPhone 11 Pro, while LG Oligo with shipments ranging from 7 to 8 million units of its iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I have restricted the expansion of the first shipments of up to 6.9 million units just from the OLED screens, but that the demand for phones iPhone 11 Pro New, led to increased shipments of Samsung Display of OLED screens for the iPhone by 40%.

Recall that the height of the cargo confirms the high sales of phones iPhone this year compared to last year, where she passed the Apple company significant losses as a result of reduced demand for phones XS, with losses in the operating profit amounted to $ 478 million in the first quarter, which led to fined Apple $ 683 million for the company Samsung as a result of falling sales of Apple phones and low demand for OLED screens.


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