The report emphasizes the development of Microsoft’s Xbox and webcams for Windows 10

Revealed a new report published recently by the start of the development of the software giant bring the basis of Microsoft new version of Xbox as the company is working on the development of webcams for Windows 10.


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Using Microsoft Corporation to launch a new version of webcams for Windows 10, and also a new version of the Xbox One through 2019, as was confirmed by a new report to start the development of new versions already.

The report also noted that Microsoft has two versions of the webcams to be launched in 2019, where first designed to support Face recognition technology to Windows Hello in all of the devices that works through the Windows operating system 10.

While the second version is under development to support the platform Xbox One, where it is expected to compensate Microsoft by trying to Kinect again, to allow users to register automatically when you speak in front of a camera.

The president of the section of Surface at Microsoft that the company has plans to launch the webcams with the Surface trade, as pointed out by a full control Surface Hub 2, which commits its work on a USB-C, a technology that Microsoft is looking to emerge as a new brand.

Also scheduled to launch the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S through 2019, which comes with improvements in the processor chip used, it is expected that the exchange of the entire Control Surface Hub 2 separately to conform to work with Windows 10 devices.


I know of

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