The report confirms the plans of LG to stop production of smartphones in South Korea

It seems that Korean giant LG is on its way to finish line production of smart phones in the coming period, where a new report reveals that LG is taking steps to stop manufacturing phones in South Korea.

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Was LG the most important companies in competition to Samsung in Korea in the field of the manufacture of the phone, however, LG is facing a continuous decline in smartphone sales even with lots of attempts by the police to improve the section of the phone, has confirmed a new report that LG has started in the cessation of the manufacture of smart phones in South Korea.

The report of the new agency Yonhap news in Korea, which was recently published via Reuters, the report noted that LG is planning to allocate production of the Korean current interests of Vietnam.

As stressed in the report that LG’s focus in the coming period to manufacture other home appliances, due to the continuous loss of the phone section, where the company starts now to reduce production costs of smart phones, the report also indicates the company plans also to raise the level of the pricing of the possible versions of smart phones, with support for new versions more privileges in the settings of the camera and battery capacity, along with performance characteristic and smooth.


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