The report confirms the hack the staff of the Snapchat data of the users of the app

Confirmed a new report today on the breakthrough company staff Snap the data of the application users Snapchat ill use this data through the tool SnapLion.

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Apps have become the social media a quick way to access the data users recently, but it turned into a source of threat for many users, following a series of hacks, leaking the data caused by users of Facebook over the past period, came a new report confirming that the staff of the Snap were able to breach users ‘ data in various departments of the company.

I have used the staff of the Snap tool to SnapLion to view the details of the users location and phone numbers, e-mail, where he confirmed a former employee of the company to repeat the process of hacking users data and ill use this data for most of the time in police departments.

From another side confirmed the company’s Snap in response to this report to protect the confidentiality of users ‘ privacy is extremely important to have a firm Snap, and that’s what came in the report about spying on user data is inaccurate, as she added, “that the company has a lot of policies and controls that are trying to do on the confidentiality and privacy of user data, the company also Snape has a specific category of data”.

The check site of the Motherboard of the presence of performance SnapLion through 4 of the company’s staff of Snap, where was emphasized the existence of this device and hack had already happened several years ago, has also been confirmed to hack one of the employees of the company the data of the email to search for a specific title among the users of the app.

Recall that Snape pointed out to this tool that you know SnapLion used to prevent unwanted messages on Snape, or deal with any abuse within the platform Snapchat, so I can’t be sure at the end of the possibility to protect users ‘ data fully in the application of Snapchat, especially with repeated operations and hack into the social platform in recent times.


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