The report confirms that the stock Huawei chip processor enough for even a full year

Confirmed the latest published reports about the developments of the decision to ban Huawei, the predicted Huawei services expected from the US administration pushed the Chinese giant storage chip processor stock enough to support the company even the whole year.

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It seems that the Chinese giant Huawei has predicted development of the situation with the committee encouraged early American, as a new report reveals that Huawei has collected a stock of chips, the processor enough for even a full year, the preparation steps are available from the United States Prohibition of cooperation or prevent the formations of America, which rely on Huawei in manufacturing chip processor or phones.

Confirms the decision to Trump the latter with the validity of the expectations of Huawei, where you will have the Huawei to a period not beyond three months and then expire to allow the provisional licensing of Huawei, where it will be on the Huawei company later obtaining a license from the administration to obtain the composition of American industry for her phones.

I have had to read all of Qualcomm and Intel to the side of the ARM to cut ties with Huawei, one of the decisions shocking that along with all of my company Xilinx وQorvo, where they announced all of these companies cut ties and cancel existing contracts with the Chinese giant.

On the other hand, will not affect the decision of these companies on the Chinese giant only, where revenue is expected to fall chip in the market decreased by 4%, where the share of Huawei in the market of chips between 8 to 9%, but some market analysts have emphasized the lack of possibility to assess the effect of the absence of Huawei’s on the market the chip in the current time.

Recall that Trump has pointed out in his remarks recently about the start of talks to end a business deal with Huawei, so that’s up to the administration to solve this crisis with Huawei soon, also will be on the Huawei to use the configuration in the inventory of the police optimally, even beyond this phase with minimal losses.


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