The report alludes to the possibility of the launch of the new model of the device that Nvidia Shield TV in the near future

Nvidia Shield TV 2017

It’s been a relatively long time since Nvidia launched the device Nvidia Shield new TV, and if you like the full potential of this device, may seek you ID that Nvidia Corporation is working maybe on a new model of the device that Nvidia Shield TV. This according to a new report from the XDA Developers forum for Developers who discovered evidence of the existence of a new device in the Google Play Store Developer console’s Device Catalog.

How do they know that the new model of the device that Nvidia Shield TV? Well, I’ve been thrust into this theory because this device carries the code name Mdarcy with the knowledge that the previous model was carrying the code name Darcy. As it turns out that this new device is running Android 9 Pie, which is the official version of the latest Android regardless of Android Q.

For the specifications of the new machine, I hear the developers at XDA Developers to device that Nvidia Shield new TV will be an upgraded version of the processor Tegra X1. It is expected that the commonly used best energy processor and graphics the best, and interestingly in these rumors is the effects that may give rise to other products.

As you may know some of you, the Nintendo Switch is used to turn the processor Tegra X1, and if the device Nvidia Shield new TV will feature an upgraded version of this processor, it is likely to see this processor is also new in the Enhanced Edition from your Nintendo Switch which frequency it will be released later this year. Generally, don’t get excited much at the moment, but we hope to have more details soon.


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