The release version of Chrome 71 with the features of ad blocking abusive and suspicious

إطلاق إصدار كروم 71 مع ميزات حظر الإعلانات المسيئة والمشبوهة

After that it was available for testing for several weeks, announced Google announced the launch of version 71 of the browser Chrome, officially, for the operating systems “Windows, Mac and Linux”, the campaign this version new features regarding fighting the ads abusive and suspicious, because the design of the deceptive ads and warnings with the case of financial payment for the gas is clear.

However, this new version will be Chrome on the filtered web sites that fall under the context of Google “abusive”, including ads, redirects, automatic refresh without any action by the user, as well as operations deceptive as clicking on notice of the “warning” that actually leads to another page on the web.

As noted in Google that sites that have been reported experiences of abusive will be given a period of 30 days to return for her, or the Prohibition of advertising of different on this site, also turn these new tools will be the user’s freedom to run its on or off, and at the same time tell sites for the Know Budget the best.

Besides the ban on abusive, will Chrome 71 also a warning about sites that try to billing you without your consent or full blackout the structure of the bill, in addition, will ignore websites that display images automatically, a change which would be welcome for most people who dislike videos that start automatically.

Finally, as we have mentioned earlier version is available Chrome 71 right now on the desktop, and will release a final version and on mobile phones over the next few weeks.

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