The referendum. the list of winners of the best phones in 2018

The phones smart admiration of the users by 2018, between the phone surprised everyone with the specifications amazing and the last surprise of some economic value, so we disclose now for the best among those electronic devices, according to a referendum conducted by the website GSMarena, the global competent with the technology.

The first and second

الاستفتاء المنتظر.. قائمة الفائزين بأفضل هواتف عام 2018

It seems that the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to enable access for the top spot well-deserved, as more and more phones favorite users by 2018, where released in the market by the company Samsung in the month of last August, the price amounted to 856 dollars, to get the largest percentage of the votes of the likes according to the poll, the difference is not simple for a phone Huawei Mate Pro 20, who came after in the ranking in second place, in the shadow of a tribute to the many defining characteristics as possible, after its release in October last.

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