The records of the FCC and confirm headphones the next generation of Samsung’s “Galaxy Buds”

سجلات FCC تؤكد سماعات الجيل القادم من سامسونج "Galaxy Buds"

Confirmed the registration and the Federal Trade Commission of America on the new version of the headphones Samsung Wireless Galaxy Buds which are the latest generation of headphones last year Gear IconX after turning the company to use its relationship to the Galaxy in the formulation of the new product name.

To show that Samsung has become very close to the launch of the headset, its wireless and may be tell me on February 20 of next to advertise its phones Galaxy S10 is a date also to detect Galaxy Buds; don’t show data, any information about its design only some signals about the cover the person may be fitted in the USB Type-C, as earlier Information reported that the heavens will provide a Bluetooth connection 5.0.

Allegedly the site of SamMobile in a report about the Galaxy Buds they will on the 8 GB internal memory with providing improvements to preserve the battery life longer, don’t expect any information about the expected price but, as stated before probably happened Galaxy S10 will be the incubator announced and unfolds there to the rest of the details.

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