The recommendation of the judicial Prohibition of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on the following violation of the patents Qualcomm

توصية قضائية بحظر آيفون 7 و7 بلس على إثر انتهاك براءات اختراع كوالكوم

To raise a judge of the court of body, the World Trade its recommendations yesterday regarding one of the issues of patent infringement brought by Qualcomm against Apple during the financial period; and provided recommendation on the temporary ban on the model of the iPhone actually in the pitfall of patent infringement that creates the increased speed of transfers and file data in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus working with Intel.

Does not imply recommendation need to implement it on the ground, the final decision will be, however, a body of the world trade after reviewing evidence and data provided and then decide chapter in the case, on the other hand rejected the authority’s request Qualcomm ban on some models of the iPhone and imported to the country in a separate case due to lack of violation of any patents.

It also rejected the authority of the World Trade another complaint the introduction of the Qualcomm accusing Apple of violating its patents nothing to report energy saving in the iPhone devices but the rejection was not final; where will the decision authority for review pending completion of all investigations in this regard with due next July.

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