The real reason for the decline in demand for iPhone

The drop in sales of iPhone in China and the subsequent decline in revenue Apple may be related to the informal boycott of local consumers. This position is shared by analysts of the Bank holding company Merrill Lynch, citing a General decline in demand for imported goods produced by U.S. vendors. The reason for the boycott was the difficulty in us-China relations, which industry experts even call a trade war.

“I believe that what we can observe now in the Chinese market is a massive failure of the local consumers to American goods — commented Merrill Lynch analyst Ethan Harris. — If you look at the charts import [American goods], note [demand reduction], not only on Apple equipment and dutiable goods, and for other imported products”.

Propaganda against iPhone

A sharp decline in demand for the iPhone has little to do with the weakening of the Chinese economy and the rise of the dollar as suggested in Cupertino. It is obvious that the tension in relations between the two countries leads to the formation of the Chinese public consciousness (with the help of local media, of course) a negative image of U.S. companies. Apple, which is for many the quintessence of everything American, just got under the hand, being under the influence of propaganda.

Himself Tim cook rejects such statements from analysts. In his opinion, China is absolutely heterogeneous in structure and that can be typical for Hong Kong, quite unusual for the Shenzhen and adjacent regions. “Do I think that someone decided not to buy [the iPhone]? I’m sure some really did, but I feel much stronger on the sales affected by the slowdown in the economy, which has caused trade tensions,” said cook.

Overall, in my opinion, in this case, the rights and Cooke, and Harris. Could not agree more with the CEO of Apple, which believes that those who were really loyal to Apple and loved her technique, could not suddenly abandon the iPhone in favor of another brand. On the other hand, the arguments of Harris are also quite strong. The General atmosphere that prevails in the Chinese market, seriously undermined the position of Apple in the country and definitely had a negative impact on the popularity of its products in the country.

What, in your opinion, in reality led to the decline in iPhone sales? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

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