The real cost of iPhone 11 Pro Max – the most expensive phones hands currently!

Is phone Evo 11 Pro Max version is the most expensive in the series of Evo 11 where it starts its price from$ 1,100, but the real cost of the phone much less!التكلفة الحقيقية لهاتف آيفون 11 برو ماكس - أغلى هواتف الآيفون حالياً!

Foundation TechInsights dismantled the iPhone 11 Pro Max to its basic components and assessed the price of each component separately, and then calculate the production cost of the phone.

Of the components of the iPhone 11 Pro Max screen they cost 66$, the camera’s triple the price of 73$, battery at a price of$ 10. The cost of the processor and the communication and storage of$ 160, and the circuit board (board) and transfers the rest of the ingredients and the cost of assembly, testing it all at a price of 181$.

If you collected the previous figures we find that the cost of producing one unit of iPhone 11 Pro Max is 490$ almost less than half the price of the phone which starts its price from$ 1,100 and increases the 100$ extra with each increase in storage capacity!

This cost does not take into account the cost of research and development and salaries of the staff of the Apple support and this is true, but the Department of these additional costs on the millions of units that are produced and shipped (75 million units through 2019) would be a great add-on.

It is worth mentioning that Apple refuses to always of those reports that say the pricing of phones iPhone that way has been described by CEO Tim Cook to Apple TV once it is accurate and true. (Continued, Too: prices for cell phones for iPhone 11 in the Arab states)

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