The real conflict brewing between Apple and enchant my Fi!

Problems of speech and freedom of the statements and impartiality of the judiciary between the “Spotify Spotify” streaming music service famous and Apple TV. Why arose that conflict between both efforts? And what are its causes and their motives? This is what we learn during this article!

حقيقة الصراع الناشيء بين آبل وسبوتيفاي!

The real conflict arising between the Apple TV and Spotify!

Spotify on Apple TV and lawsuit

According to the founder service Spotify and its executive director “Daniel Ek”, the Apple TV has been methods of “unfair” competition because they impose a 30% fee on subscriptions of the users in Spotify and other services while you have the Apple TV already broadcast service music own Apple Music service is not subject to any additional fees which makes them offer subscriptions at lower prices compared to the rest of its competitors in the field of Broadcast Music.

Spotify made an official complaint to the European Commission about this. Can be summarized protest Spotify in three points as follows:

  • All applications and services to compete fairly based on their merits not based on who owns the App Store in the reference to the Apple TV. We must subject everyone to the same rules and restrictions fair value, including the Apple Music service.
  • You must have users with multiple options for states and not only the option to pay via alien Apple.
  • You must allow the service provider to communicate with users to display and clarify those restrictions are unjust imposed on them, as well as free marketing for deals.

Apple’s answer to Spotify

It is worth mentioning that Spotify had tried to drive the previously negotiated with Apple directly to resolve this crisis, but Apple has not changed its position and stated on the tongue of the museum updated the official “Spotify want the advantages of free apps without having to be applied free of charge” to Spotify on Apple TV saying, “that every manipulator will claim that he does nothing wrong.”

Spotify made a formal complaint to the European Commission in Stockholm, Sweden that will remain the case and either reject it and thus be a judgment in favor of the Apple TV, or the admissibility of the complaint and Apple commit to amend the laws of the App Store.

Spotify also posted this video to illustrate her complaint, we are waiting for the ruling of the European Commission to adjudicate in this dispute. This case may affect the user’s Arab because service Spotify is now available in the Middle East for months.

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