The quantum compass will help to determine the location without GPS

In today’s world almost anywhere without the means for orientation in space. We use navigators, and special programs driving the car, the maps looking for the desired object and determine its location, and when traveling to another city or country without such a solutions simply will not do. But for this, you use data from navigation satellites. But what if they suddenly become unavailable or we get in such a remote place where they just don’t work or work bad? The answer is scientists from the UK, who created a highly accurate quantum compass.

For the development of the meet the experts from Imperial College London who created the compass, together with their colleagues from the company M Squared Lasers (Scotland). The main principle of operation lies in the fixation of subatomic effect of Earth’s magnetic field. The compass picks up his change, which allows very accurately identify its location in space. The compass uses lasers to cool atoms of hydrogen inside to very low temperatures, after which the sensors detect their movement, acceleration and how they effect the Earth’s magnetic field. In fact we have the ultra-precise accelerometer.

A prototype high-accuracy quantum compass

Over, looking at the photo above, to use the compass in modern smartphones is extremely problematic because of the enormous size. However, it can be set to, for example, ships, trains and other large vehicles. It may be not so much an alternative to GPS how an assistive technology that will work in the case that the satellite signals will be lost. It is worth saying that some of the British media suggest that these compasses will be installed on warships of Albion.

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