The pseudonymity is as important as decentralisation: the former CTO Coinbase

In 2014, Balaji Srinivasan — at that time, a General partner of Andreessen Horowitz, raised the issue of anonymity in his Twitter. According to him, we should “think about the fact that our services were more anonymous.” He wanted to protect users from identity theft and scams on the Internet. Five years later, he offers practical solutions.

Srinivasan Balaji is also a co-founder of Coin Center and formerly held the position of technical Director in one of the largest kryptomere Coinbase. On Friday, the expert spoke to the visitors of the week of the blockchain San Francisco. According to him, “the pseudonymity just as important as decentralization”, and this feature should be standard in all social networks.

Facebook has long been famous rules, according to which all users are obliged to use social networks in their real names. Thus we can assume that Libra is having problems just due to the fact that everyone knows the name and personality of its Creator — Mark Zuckerberg. And at the same time, nobody knows the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, and so there is no reason to trust and not to trust him. Srinivasan believes that at the moment Facebook is a little behind the technological progress. The pseudonymity is already mainstream.

He also cited three vectors of development, which would significantly improve the level of pseudoknot.

  • First, social networks and e-mail services should allow the use of multiple accounts.
  • Secondly, it is necessary at the level of the labor laws to prohibit discrimination during the interview when applying for a job. For example, do not allow the interest of marital status, sexual orientatsii and so on.
  • Third, now because of the crowd effect many users of social networks are afraid to openly Express their thoughts on any topic on their behalf.

If that is not enough, you can bring a parallel with a candidate for U.S. President MITT Romney. He had a secret Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto. Source:

Many young people today also use fictional names and personality. In other words, they all want a bit of anonymity — from the highest ranks to the common hipsters with laptops at the food court.

According to Sreenivasan, it’s important for people to be able to Express thoughts without judgement and fear of reprisal. Otherwise, our life on the Internet is similar to the series — all very neat, refined and courteous. This subsequently leads to the fact that Srinivasan bonaci as “the gap of the supply chain social network”. People lose the ability to interact with someone because they are building their own impression about a particular person based on the comments and judgments of other users.

At the moment the problem is that reputation cannot be ported. That is, the person who wants to separate his business and personal life, theoretically, can use different accounts in social networks. But then the second account will have to start from scratch. And there is the risk that nobody will understand that the person behind, and why it would be interesting to subscribe to it. For example, the social network could add the function of porting subscribers to a new account. Though not all, and only invite those who might be interested in your new account.

Here it is necessary to make a reservation that Srinivasan made a career on identifying interesting social concepts. It is likely that we will be surprised what ideas would arise regarding pseudoknot users.

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