The protective covers of the revelation of iPad old will not be appropriate for the revelation of the iPad Air and iPad Mini New


Did Apple just unveiled the second generation of the iPad Air and fifth generation of the iPad Mini. And for those who are planning to get this tablet new and it may still be some protective covers are old adequate, you must rethink that because according to Apple Insider, it seems that tablet the new iPad will not fit with protective covers current.

This may be a bit confusing because the iPad Mini new is largely similar to the previous model. At first glance, the device looks identical with the previous model, but according to the specs, the iPad Mini new is the longest already and thicker compared to the iPad Mini 3. This means that covers current designed for your iPad Mini 3 won’t fit the new machine.

But what about the iPad Mini 4’s? Dimensions are identical, but even with that you may be forced to make some concessions depending on the protective cover you are using. Because the iPad Mini new features button long to be patient, which means that if the protective cover you use have a non-wide buttons be patient, it will be a problem. She chose the Apple also re-adjust the position of the microphone where it was now positioned in the top middle section of the tablet, instead of putting it next to the camera.

May improve sound quality if you are trying to the registry. These are some of the things that you should consider if you plan to use any protective cover with the tablet the new iPad.


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