The programme of replacement batteries for iPhone vs. 29$ Sigma on December 31,

iPhone 8 plus

If you have an iPhone old card is no longer as it was before, maybe it’s time to change the battery for a new one. As you may have called some of you, the company Apple currently has a program that allows its customers qualified replace batteries phones iPhone Their for 29 $ instead of the usual price of $ 79 USD, but it should also be noted that this offer expires on the 31st day of December.

The Apple launch of this offer is to replace the batteries iPhones eligible for 29 $ when it turns out that the company you strangling the speed of phones iPhone old batteries contain worn. According to Apple, it was doing so to prevent the ends of random for iPhone, which suffered some of the users in the beginning.

However, the many failure of Apple to give users the option of managing their own servers. This push Apple to eventually launch a programme of replacement batteries at a low price from the usual, as well as make some changes to the iOS system allows users to manage the performance of their devices, monitor the health of batteries in their smart phones to see if they need replacement.

However, this program, or rather this offer will end on the 31st day of the month of December, so if you don’t use of this offer yet, you may want to do this now because to use the iPhone old battery New Can gives you a year to two more years with the phone, and that’s what sings to you about the need to upgrade.

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