The program iTunes is now available in the Windows Store 10

Finally arrived program Apple iTunes to App Store, Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system and become users of the system now get the app.

We learned that iTunes was coming to the Microsoft store for a long time, given the part of the users of Windows 10 may not affect the appearance of iTunes on the Microsoft store a lot because they can use the desktop application standard. However, the effect it will have on anyone who uses Windows 10 S, which is lock and only allows to install apps from the Microsoft store.

The application provides iTunes access to music Apple TV and sync iOS devices, came the efforts of Apple to bring iTunes to the Microsoft store in the wake of a similar move from Spotify, which brought the application of its own to the store in the past year.

If you are a user of iTunes, you can get the app now from the Microsoft store, and if you already have a desktop version of the program, be aware that the version of the Microsoft store will remove the old installation and sends your settings in the first time you run it.

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