The program is already installed may lead to infiltrate devices Dell

Shipped computers that are running Windows in public with a large number of programs that don’t need it. A lot of times, cause these programs slow your computer, sometimes, can cause a program installed in advance of the company’s significant security risks, which is why maybe you should update or uninstall the program Dell SupportAssist immediately from your computer.

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This software comes pre-installed from the factory to help the organs and interest. But since last October at least, this program has become a way to infiltrate users ‘ computers, according to researcher security.

I have a program SupportAssist Dell administrator windows, it is designed to automatically install updates on computers and found the security researcher the possibility of allowing hackers to install malicious software on users ‘ computers to breach, read all devices.

The positive side in this matter, that this gap in the program work only if the inventor is on the same wireless network that is connected to the user, whether a public network or home network or work network.

Should all users install the update for the program number, or cancel the installation to avoid the risk.

Sources: Dell’s support page – ZDNet

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