The program iMusic possible to download music and audio files from the internet manage and and transfer them to your device!

The program iMusic is a special program that allows you to download audio files and music from the internet in an easy manner and with high quality after formats it also provides the advantage of downloading from YouTube and other sites.

Features and iMusic

Download from the internet

The program supports iMusic download from the Internet of more than 3,000 locations in Mp3 format or any other sound you want. Of these websites YouTube and Spotify and SoundCloud and Facebook and DailyMotion and others, you can also download the videos if you want, and download full playlists at once.

برنامج iMusic The program iMusic

Record audio

When the inability to download the audio file from the internet or when listening to the radio program can iMusic delivery of high quality and add all the information about the registry automatically to the audio file.

برنامج iMusic The program iMusic

Manage and transfer files to your device

After downloading or recording of audio files can the program iMusic transfer audio files to your device, whether iOS or Android, as well as working in sync with the alien.

برنامج iMusic The program iMusic

Many other tools

Program needs iMusic on many other tools like a tool to remove DRM protection of files, file transfer to the USB device to run in the car, and burn the files on DVD in addition to the audio player integrated in the program.

برنامج iMusic The program iMusic

Convenience analysis:

Works on computers running Windows or Mac, you can download and use the trial version of the software or purchase the full version the price starts from$39.

Coder: Aimersoft

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