The program “reactor wind” announces the start of the second phase of its fifth session

After the completion of the first phase of the “spark” of the fifth session of the programme of reactor sports, where participated more than 200 participants in the awareness sessions on entrepreneurship submitted by the company inventor, has been accepting 50 companies and emerging difficulties to the second stage.

Reactor sports is a program period of 6 months to support innovative startups in different areas in Egypt the management of the business incubator inventor, and during the second phase, which allow the start up stage of “Ignition”, will be the companies showcase extensive training on the development of the business model and build a database of customers and plan Marketing a brand design and financial planning of the company.

Targeted training to achieve remarkable development and rehabilitation of companies to showcase their projects are strong on the Investment Committee of the private annonce the group of experts, after the presentation of the participants and their projects to the Investment Committee be chosen between 10 to 15 companies to qualify for the second phase of the program, namely, the stage of plasma, which will begin in March 2018.

Commenting on this, according to a press release, says hesham wahby CEO, inventor: “starting stage “Ignition” of more stages across the program, it gives us a chance to connect directly with entrepreneurs in the context of practical and real in the first formative stages of their companies. All entrepreneurs and participants in the program extends the stock card and a passion for and commitment to high implement their ideas, and they have the ability to leave a positive impact on the Egyptian economy, and this is what we aspire to in the company annonce as investor No. 1 trusted in the field of creativity of startups.”

Represent emerging companies to participate in the fifth session of the program, reactor sports many fields and industries, including health, e-commerce, design, digital media, clean energy and software manufacturing and production.

Tree inventories the fifth session of the program, reactor sports, in partnership with the firm of Fenton capital immediately Africa VC4A and Studio 49 and The Planet and also IBM.

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