The profits of Facebook increased by 19% compared with the previous year

Announced Facebook today announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2019, as did Google, Samsung and Apple have made giant social networking grew by 29% in terms of revenue, where revenue reached $ 17.7 million dollars that while growth of 19% in terms of profits net profit of 6.$ 1 million and this compared with the previous year.

Next to the financial results announced of Facebook that the number of users of its apps reached 2.8 million active users and this includes apps WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook as well as Instagram where they also reported that Facebook receives 1.6 million visitors a day.

Came financial results contrary to expectations of analysts in terms of earnings and revenue which is calculated by Facebook, of course, this coupled with expectations of the arrival of the company for more than 3 million active users sometime in 2020!

Source: NYT

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