The professors blame the game Fortnite because of the increasing violence in schools

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I’ve always been violence in video games a controversial topic to some extent, where there was a debate raging about whether the help in the violence realism or not. Recently, it seems that some teachers are beginning to blame the game Fornite Battle Royale because of the increasing violence that they witness in schools.

This comes in the wake of a report in Scotland where a child ten years old in a school in South Ayrshire to withdraw the knife in the courtyard of the play. Police were called to the place where it was seized the knife from the child. Fortunately there were no injuries, but prompted some education experts to express their concern on how this behavior can be the beginning of things coming, the blame game Fortnite because of it.

As we said earlier, there is an ongoing debate about whether violence in video games translates to violence in real life. It is unclear how to play the game Fortnite a role in this, but there could be some relevance to it because of the fact it is one of the most popular games in the market currently.

Interesting in this is how individuals deal with this game in different ways. There are some cases where parents have already hired tutors to teach their children how to play in a game Fortnite and improve their skills in the game to get a career in the field of electronic gaming ( eSport ), but on the other side, there are also some parents who send their children to rehabilitation centers due to play in excess of the necessary.

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