The production of folding screens Samsung X will start in the summer?

Гибкий дисплей Samsung

As follows from the new messages, recently appeared on the Network, a leading provider of smartphones in the global market is already preparing to start production of flexible OLED panels display smartphone that will be significantly different from all already known to users of mobile devices. We are talking about the long-awaited Samsung foldable X.

Складываемый смартфон Samsung?

As reported in the article Ro (Ro), a published resource with reference to etnews.comappeared interesting information from “reliable source”, on the flexible screen OLED panels that Samsung will equip its upcoming folding smartphone. The production of these panels is likely to begin this summer. It is believed that the smartphone will be called Samsung X and will release it next year.

It is also believed that this technology interesting for other companies offering to market its smart phones — Motorola, Huawei, Oppo and even Apple.

Складываемый смартфон Samsung?

According to new reports, Samsung foldable phone will be somewhat different than its imagined users. It was believed that it will pop, changing its size from 4.5 to 7.3 inches, but it is impractical because the device would have to be opened every time you need to take a call. Now it is assumed that the leader of the smartphone market would prefer a different design to open the phone, increasing its size from above.

As reported, the novelty will be finished in early 2019. Foldable smartphones may be the new form factor of these common devices.

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