The process of disassembling the Galaxy Fold to reveal the design of the weak and breakable

Conducted site iFixit the process of dismantling the phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold recently revealed the design of the weak and breakable in the phone that up to the cost of $ 2000.

After the retrieval units of the Galaxy Fold that were exposed to fracture, the website iFixit the process of dismantling the phone, which revealed a lot of details in the design of the phone is:

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  • Comes design the Galaxy Fold a lot of gaps all over the phone and in particular in the position units of the nuances of your phone which can be affected by any particles lead to the disruption of the mechanism of opening and closing the phone and also break and damage the screen.
  • Featuring the Galaxy Fold two batteries where the battery in the left side capacity of 2135 mAh while the battery in the right side the capacity of 2245 mAh.

Galaxy Fold batteries

  • Includes color seals of Silicon on flexible conductors which form a kind of protection mini phone
  • Come the motherboard is divided into two main parts where the right section on the main components of the phone, from chip Snapdragon processor 855, memory, along with storage units of the radio.
  • Does not come the internal framework of the company sufficient thickness to protect the screen, as the screen contains the inner edge with a thickness of 2 mm only, and the edge of the screen can be removed smoothly.
  • How come the external monitor to the framework of polymer protection, so you can also remove this energy easily leading to harm the company internal also.
  • Featuring a screen connectors installed on the sides of the screen, to give the effect in the gel and clear when scrolling on the screen
  • Show the mechanism of the spacers that connect the screen with a strong determination, but they contain flexible cable serves to connect the right side to the left side in the phone, where the support spacers to the process of folding up to 200,000 times according to statements made by Samsung.

The phone log in site iFixit as a result of 2/10, where the phone comes design easy to open it and fix it by the user, as are the internal components of the weak so the process of replacement ingredients you will feel difficulty when you repair the phone.

Recall that iFixit has made the analysis of causes that led to the breaking of the screen in units of the preview, where the report location to that of OLED panels feature a design thinner than the LCD panels, so it may lead to cracked small in the screen to break the screen in full, as OLED panels are sensitive to moisture place, so any change to the external energy will affect the screen certainly.

Galaxy Fold hinge with the two flex cables

As a result of the foregoing, the OLED screens will be affected certainly with the folds of the screen, which will affect the spacers that connect the screen for sure and also on the design of the phone folding.

As noted by iFixit website that the accumulation of dirt and dust on the screen of OLED will affect the finish on the polymer layer a protective person, so I might up the dust in the end to the spacers and the inner layer, and toggle the site that Samsung did tests on the strength of tighten spacers using the machines away from the external environment that may need to be Phone sure to a lot of dust when opening and closing the screen in the open spaces for example.


I know of

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