The proceeds of TSMC for the month of January Excel on the same period last year


The company announced the TSMC of Taiwan on revenues for the month of January last, and has come these revenues are positive and higher by 4.1% from January 2017, the proceeds of TSMC arrived in January to about $ 2.7 million.

Analysts expect to be affected by the revenue of TSMC in the month of February due to the limited number of working days in this month for the company, with the Treaty on the rise by next March, and expectations of achieving higher yields than have been achieved in January.

TSMC expects to announce revenues ranging between 8.4 and $ 8.5 million for the first quarter of this year, and revenues are less than the last quarter of last year, due to a seasonal slowdown in Smartphone sales during this period of the year as indicated by the Director of finance for the company Lora Ho.

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