The proceeds of the company of Xiaomi in the year 2018 has experienced strong growth despite the decline in the global market


While not the 2018 is the best way to market the smart phones because of the little growth of $ 0.1 percent, it seems that the company Xiaomi is in good condition compared to competitors. The company released yesterday its financial report annual figures show a steady increase in all aspects, including revenue growth by up to 52.6 percent compared with the year 2017 and up to 26.06 million USD. Grew international revenues of the company increased by a whopping 118.1 percent to 10.43 million, which represents 40 percent of the company’s total revenue.

According to the president CEO of Xiaomi, Mr. Lei Jun, he explained that the success of the company revolves around the development of three main categories which are hardware and internet commerce. Basically, this strategy separate devices, including smart phones, organs and other smart about the software and other services online, and retail chain devoted to the sale of their products.


The control of the company Xiaomi on the Indian market, a market where the company has a market share of 30 percent, and raised its shipments of smartphones to Western Europe by amazing reached 415.2 percent.

Yields continued other departments in the company Xiaomi, such as the Internet of things and values responsible for Life Style products, and its growth up to 6.53 Million USD. Grew the company’s revenue from its online services increased by 61.2 percent compared with the year 2017 to reach 2.38 million USD.

Regardless of the impressive numbers across the board, these figures know the intention of the company Xiaomi in focus to provide a complete system of hardware and software with its expansion outside of China through expansion to more regions such as India, Indonesia and Western Europe.


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