The proceeds of the Candy Crush in October 2018 exceeding $ 128 million


With respect to the proceeds that are realized through the Apple App Store digital or Google Play, most of the funds still come through the video games. According to a report from the agency Sensor Tower to monitor the sales, the Candy Crush still check out a lot of money, and is still very popular.

This game produced by the company King, which became part of a group Activision Blizzard business, has won $ 128 million in the month of October only, and that a rise of 8% compared with the month of September, and have made $ 119 million of revenue.

Most of these proceeds came from the version of Candy Crush Saga, which has achieved alone approximately $ 82 million, and by 64% of the revenue floor. In general, has made games similar to Candy Crush, revenues exceed $ 1.33 million in 2018 since its inception.

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