The proceeds of the apple of wearable devices already planning its revenue from iPod

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple has created many products over the decades, and from time to time to see the company reveal a different product steals the spotlight. In time, my iPod is synonymous to Apple after successful portable music player that changed the rules of play in the market.

However, it seems that have Apple products another successful, and wearable devices. During the interview with the channel CNBC, revealed the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook that the revenue achieved by the company of wearable devices that include the Apple Watch and AirPods, had already surpassed the revenue achieved from the iPod during the peak period.

It was moved by Mr. Tim Cook saying : ” on the basis of a later date,… the proceeds of wearable devices has already surpassed by 50 percent the proceeds of the iPod at its peak “. Did you know Apple after on the number of smart watches that has sold so far. Until now, we had to rely on numbers of informal firms specializing in market research.

However, the general feeling is that the appetite for wearable devices of the company in a continuous growth. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about the iPhone which was the best Apple for many years, but it seems that demand for this device began to slow down in recent years.


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