The proceeds of Microsoft exceed $ 30 million in the last quarter of last

Microsoft company

Microsoft has announced in the past few days about its financial report for the third quarter of the fiscal year to March 2019 (the last year for Microsoft ends in June), and out of the company of the results of a giant exceeded analysts ‘ expectations, as the company’s revenue floor to 30.6 million.

And grew Business Cloud servers to Microsoft Azure by 73% in terms of the availability of this trade growth is scary for Microsoft, and reached the proceeds of the section to $ 9.7 billion, as revenue reached a section of business operations to $ 10.2 million, and revenue reached the Department of personal computing and which features windows to 10.7 million. The company went out of net earnings reached $ 8.8 million.

And recall that the market value of Microsoft has surpassed 1 trillion dollars for the first time in its history, with strong financial results achieved by the company.

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