The problem of white spots is peculiar not only HomePod

This week, a few days after receipt HomePod on sale, identified a feature that the Apple haters have repeatedly managed to deride. It turned out that if you put this clever column on wood surface, after some time in the past a nasty white circle.

In Cupertino immediately reacted and said that this phenomenon is not anything extraordinary, saying that silicone base for vibration reduction should leave characteristic traces, and there’s nothing you can do. Recently, our American colleague confirmed the rightness of the arguments of the Apple.

The author of the publication Tom’s Guide, Mike Prospero noticed that after a few days of use on the wooden table white marks were not only after the HomePod, but after Sonos speakers One. The last product they had a round shape as that of speakers from Apple, but the fact of the appearance of the trace suggests that in Cupertino were right.

It is curious that such material for the lower base is used not only in the HomePod and the Sonos One, but also the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Apparently, the last two columns leave no traces because of its weight, which considerably less than its competitors from Apple and Sonos.

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