The problem of the entry into force of the shipping is fast facing some users of the OnePlus 6T

I started some of the complaints from phone users OnePlus 6T in the spread on the internet, the result of a project run out of battery charge very quickly.


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Facing some users of the phone OnePlus 6T problem in the phone lead to the depletion of the battery charge very quickly, as some of the complaints in the spread on Reddit in the last period.

Has pointed out one of the phone users that face the problem of running out of battery in a quick half in the unit for OnePlus 6T, as stressed trying to apply all the procedures that can operate on battery saving from closing the apps running in the background screen to clear the cache, to the side of the phone update also however, all these measures did not prevent the continuation of the entry into force of charging the battery rapidly.

While another user pointed out that in the beginning was the unit of OnePlus 6T continue to work 6 to 7 hours, while the phone is years old now charging up to only 4 hours.

I have provided the company OnePlus phone OnePlus 6T the highest capacity of battery used in phones until now 3700 mAh, the highest capacity of the phone OnePlus 6 that came capacity battery 3300 mAh, as the company confirmed that the fast charging technology in the phone OnePlus 6T will pay the user charge the battery lasts for the whole day after charging the battery for up to 30 minutes only.

Recall that some users of the OnePlus 6T have also pointed that besides the battery runs out quickly into the phone, facing the problem of a rise in temperature very clearly, however, with Perform a factory reset of the phone disappeared. these problems in the phone.


I know of

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