The problem of new battery laptop for Fujitsu .. and use it


A new report reveals that Fujitsu has summoned a number of versions of devices and iPads affiliate due to problems in the batteries may lead to fire.

According to the published site mspoweruser American, the Fujitsu call for laptop Lifebook وCelsius due to problems lead to high temperature devices and lead to risks of fire in the end.

The problem of battery laptop for Fujitsu

In the company revealed that the devices that are affected by this problem are the laptop Lifebook E752 وE733, E743, E753, P702, P772, S710, S752, S762, T732, T734, T902 وCelsius H720′.

لاب توب Fujitsu
Laptop Fujitsu

Users who possess the card and the serial number:”CP556150-03 وCP579060-01 وCP629458-03″ that they replace them free of charge by contacting the company, the report noted that about 5800 iPads had been shot in the United States and 600 to another device in Canada has been affected by this problem, only the case of one explosion so far.

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