The price of the phone iPhone the XR fall officially in Japan

iPhone XR

Earlier today The Wall Street Journal reported American that Apple requires to reduce the price of iPhone XR in Japan. Now, make sure that that report is true because buying a phone iPhone XR with the contract of the provider NTT Docomo will help the customers to save 100 dollars over the period of the contract.

It should be noted that this discount which up to $ 100 does not represent a discount directly to the price of the phone, but it seems that it is in line with previous reports which reported that the operations and the discount will be through the support of telecommunications companies. In the past, 64GB version of the iPhone XR cost 36 thousand Japanese yen with a contract for two years, but this version will be a customer now 24 thousand Japanese yen only.

At the moment, it seems that NTT Docomo is the only one which offers the phone iPhone XR at a low price, but we believe that telecommunications companies other Japanese will follow suit in the near future also. Didn’t know Apple yet on the cause of the reduced the price of the iPhone XR, but most of the reports that we have seen so far indicate that sales of the iPhone are not as they used to be, and therefore we assume that price cut might be one way that will provide the company more sales.

Also as we mentioned earlier, this discount is available only in Japan. Thus, it is still not clear whether Apple will also offer the same discounts in other markets, so don’t hope too much in the discount price of iPhone XR in the town now.



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