The President of the company ZTE confirms arrival phone ZTE Axon 9 this year

ZTE Axon 7

Thanks to the fact that they come with technical specifications advanced version of semi-raw system Android very competitive price, it has been many people looking to see the company ZTE reveal the rear of the two phones ZTE Axon 7 and ZTE Axon 7S. Well, in an interview conducted by the CEO of ZTE, Mr. Cheng Lixin talked about the phone rollaway ZTE Axon M, also announced that his company will be launching a new device in this series.

This phone will carry the name of ZTE Axon 9. And, apparently, has decided the company ZTE plans to figure 8 because of some beliefs in the Chinese culture.

Whatever the name, the ZTE company and want to enhance its efforts in the market, and most often in China, given that the company is happy to perform in the United States of America. Prior to the issuance of phone ZTE Axon M, did you get series phones ZTE Axon Series phone, pioneer has long been unlike series phones ZTE Nubia that got to regularly on the flagship phones, but it does not emphasize the legacy company ZTE.


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