The president of the company Razer reduces the possibility of the advent of phone Razer Phone 3 this year

Razer Phone 2

In the last month, there was a report that the company Razer decided to get out of the smartphone market, or at least decided not to develop more smart phones at the moment. This was based on a report that the company Razer decided to give up the majority of staff in the Department of smart phones. However, pointed out rumors later that there is still some hope that the company Razer launched the phone Razer Phone 3 later this year.

Unfortunately, it seems that it will not be achieved. In an interview with the website Engadget, the reduced the CEO of Razer, Mr. Min-Liang Tan of forecast the advent of the second generation of the phone Razer Phone. And when it was even on the phone Razer Phone 3, avoiding the president for Razer to make any specific statements.

Instead, Mr. Min-Liang Tan is simply that the phones Razer has achieved a ” good performance“, and that the configuration succeeded ” in communicating what the company wanted to offer “. He also noted that the sector is at a critical juncture at the moment, which forces the company to move into 5G technology. On this subject, stated the president by saying : ” If you want to buy a phone for gaming this year, will I buy a phone 5G, but if you purchase a phone 5G, there would be no network to use it. “

It seems that all of this suggests that Mr. Min-Liang Tan softens our expectations for phone Razer Phone 3. However, the good news is that Mr. Min-Liang Tan confirmed that the company still has a large team of engineers have the ability to make phone if you want company, this may be a temporary halt rather than a final stop, but we still have to wait to see what will happen in the end.


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